Good Programmer

May 30, 2019

This is where I’ve been collecting thoughts on good programmer.

A good programmer is a good problem solver.

- Kee Nam

Here are some excerptions from others

Donald E Knuth (The MMIX Supplement)

“better programmers” have an ability to move effortlessly between different levels of abstraction.

Guy L. Steele Jr.

a good programmer “does not just write programs. A good programmer builds a working vocabulary.”

Jonathan E. Steinhart (The Secret Life Of Programs)

good programmers have

  • good critical thinking
  • good analysis skills
  • has deep understanding of how computers work.

Bjarne Stroustrup (Programming)

A good programmer understands the role of code and programming technique in a project A good programmer is (at most times) a good team player and tries hard to understand how the code and its production best support the overall project.

I’m sure I will run into more and find more references as I find them I will add them here.

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