Google it!

May 14, 2022

When developing with a framework or a library, the first thing is looking for resources. Official documents triumphs over all other resources.

However, when the document is lacking or too terse, social sites such as Stack Overflow comes into play. With so many questions (or so many problems), searching for a problem becomes a skill in its own right.

Google first

First attempt is google it. More you use it, more it will look for items. I wanted to find out if there’s a such a way to get all object from GraphQL without defining all fields.

I’ve read through the official site here. However, there was no indication if this is incomplete or not designed.

Then Googling it with graphql query all object fields resulted in the Stack Overflow link: How to query all the GraphQL type fields without writing a long ...

Bing, Duck duck go…

I would enter the same search terms with different results. I guess machine learning used to understand my broken non-sensical terms works well on Google or it’s where most all programmers go to search.

Tips on building search terms

My strategy is to come up with search terms that are on a web page rather than asking for an question. That is, I search for words that I am expecting to see on a technical document describing the case. This works well for me. YMMV.

For this to work, you would have a basic domain and language specific to the technology you are searching for. Technology specific vocabularies will help you look for related items. e.g. Is this related to a state problem in React? If it is, what is the case? What’s the symptom? What’s the side effect?

e.g. I’d search for React state change render error.

When to stop searching?

When nothing is found, it’s time to get the code. For a paid library, open a ticket (e.g. Microsoft - for a MS software bug, they have refunded the call, again YMMV),. When all else fails and you have to work with it, don’t be afraid to look at the code - start as how you would have solved it and compare how it’s solved.

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